Thursday, March 20, 2008

Gertrude-Ederle Award 2008 to Vijaya Claxton of the Sri Chinmoy Marathon Team

(photo courtesy of Nick Adams)

At the annual Channel Swimmers' Dinner a few days ago, hosted by the Channel Swimming & Piloting Federation (CS & PF) in Dover, a number of channel swimmers were honoured for their various achievements during the season of 2007.

Among them Vijaya Claxton (USA), swimmer friend and fellow member of the International Sri Chinmoy Marathon Team, who received the very special Gertrude Ederle Award "for the most meritorious CS&PF English Channel swim by a woman in 2007", along with the Cape Storm Award 2007 for the longest solo swim of 2007. Vijaya had to brave and battle the waves, the currents and continuing seasickness for 22hrs 27 mins. Amazingly, she looked extremely good after her swim and was shining with inner satisfaction. It had taken her several attempts over a couple of years to finally succeed - while working a responsible fulltime-job at the United Nations, making her a glowing example of Sri Chinmoy's motto of "never give up".
More about her swim

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