Saturday, September 13, 2008

Hypothermia struck!

Sorry for the late update, just a short note:

Had to be pulled out of the water after 13 hours 40 min. after we had passed Cap Griz Nez and were already being swept by the counter-current back towards Calais, which would have meant about 5 hours more swimming. I looked a bit too blue, my speech got blurred and I had slowed down quite a bit. We had started at 9 p.m. (8 p.m. German time) and swum through the night with air temperature down to 15 °C and water around 17°C.

The swim was fine, I could have continued easily (no sore shoulders or muscles afterwards), , very peaceful atmosphere, waves mostly pushing us - but the cold got me, although I had managed two 7 hour swims and a 6 hour swim in Dover Harbour without problem.

Thanks to my crew and everyone who supported me and wished us well.

I am fine now, happy again (my helpers had already come to meet us in Calais with the van for the rest of the triathlon and everyone was extremely supportive and in good spirits anyway) and looking forward to finish my project maybe next year.

More to follow


Anonymous said...

Hi Vasanti,
commiserations on not completing your crossing but congratulations on a truly inspiring swim. Getting into and then remaining in that night water, for 13hrs 40, you are extraordinary. I hope you are enjoying the aftermath and a little rest.



Vasanti said...

Thanks Uddyogini!

We were looking so much forward to your coming, a second helper would have been so good - but then things got rushed. I am fine now and looking forward to next year, as my other helpers.

More details in the next post.


Anonymous said...

Hi Vasanti,

Congratulations on your magnificent efforts towards the goal. The goal
will be won! I am one of many quiet admirers and supporters who have
been following your journals. I was of course, sad when the report was
you had to stop. Happy that it was only the cold and that your muscles
and body are ready for the distances.

Love and gratitude (for doing something we are not able to do),


Vasanti said...

Thanks Sarita!

Everybody has their own strengths. If I can give some inspiration with my little efforts I am grateful and happy. The goal will be persued further!

Greetings to Canada