Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Saturday or Friday?

The weather and the forecasts keep changing, but my guess is Saturday. Some people made it yesterday, some didn't, due to hypothermia, seasickness, lack of mental preparation etc. Today all the boats stayed in the harbour. The water today felt much colder, almost arctic, but it was quite calm in the harbour and the sun is out, warming. Swam with Rashmi again. Tonight Marie-Therese will arrive and we will get everything ready and worked out. It's my Channel-anniversary today, but there is no special feeling - the future is more exciting than the past. Still I am amazed at how calm and peaceful I feel.


Just talked to Alison, my pilot. She offered me several options. Friday is taken by a relay, but they could change to Saturday. Tomorrow and Thursday seem to be swimmable, but still with windforce 3-4 in the wrong direction. Saturday would be calmer and northerly winds. Wednesday is out of the question for me. Will check the weather charts again tomorrow.

Looks like Saturday or Friday now (Sept. 10)/

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Chris Pountney said...

Hi Vasanti

Thanks for the message.

The thumb is not too bad, i hope everything will be ok for the next tides. i will swim even if there is still pain - i am not going to let this stop me now!

do you know which day you will be swimming yet? i will keep a watch out for you. i'll be in dover over the weekend so maybe i will see you. good luck, you have done the training, you are ready.